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News:The Voyager smartcard emulator project has stopped......

The Voyager smartcard emulator project has stopped!

Because of legal problems with the EU directive (see: en_398L0084 ) I'm sorry to tell you that the Voyager smartcard emulator program is no longer under development.
Please note: Source code is *NOT* available.

Bookmark: http://connect.to/voyager for easy access.

Voyager general information:

Voyager is a smartcard emulator program that can be used to decrypt D2Mac-Eurocrypt, MPEG2 (Seca, Viaccess and Irdeto), DMX and Videocrypt 1 & 2 channels. Voyager runs on allmost any ms-dos based computer system (8088-PentiumPro). The program also runs under various multitaskers like Desqview, and works within Windows if you have made the right settings. (Read the documentation files for the settings) For optimal performance it's adviced to use this program under dos though.
In order to use this program you will need a so called season interface (a device that connects between the serial port of your computer and the smartcard reader of the decoder.) You can make this device yourself or buy it from a good satellite dealer.
When you add the "D3" parameter you will see full log's of the transmitted data.
With the "L" parameter you can write the logs to a file.
For further details read the documents below.

read the history file
read the voyager frequently asked questions document
read the details about the season interface
check this list with supported decoders

William Jansen (wjansen@freeler.nl)